Chops and Carrots

Tonight, I made these lamb chops and these carrots – only no way did I cook 12 chops and 5 lbs of carrots!  I cooked 2 lamb loin chops, one for me and one for my little guy – and next time, I better make a third, because he decided lamb chops are one of his favorite foods.  I think he’s my kid.

The lamb was good – though once again, searing them proves to be challenging when they are so thick. The outside was beautiful but the inside was rarer than I wanted to serve to my kiddo, and had to be lightly nuked. I think I should have brought the defrosting chops out of the refrig earlier than I did. And while they were tasty, the herb flavor might have been a little much. I love the taste of lamb so much that this much herbs de provence was too much herbs de provence.

The carrots were a slam dunk in my opinion, though. I am terrible about under-thinking my vegetables – usually I whip up a quick dressing and serve everything with a salad. Sometimes it’s a standard green salad, sometimes it’s arugula with pumpkin seeds and dried cherries – but still, it’s a side salad. But every once in a while, I remember to actually try a vegetable recipe – and this one was a winner!  Charlie ate his carrots plain, without the vinaigrette – but I ate them as directed, and they were delicious! And since I was just cooking 4 or 5 carrots rather than 5 pounds of carrots, there’s more of the mustard-y vinaigrette to serve next time I want a side salad.

While I was cooking these for dinner tonight, my slow cooker was busy finishing off a pot roast for when my parents are here for the night tomorrow night and George and I will be at back-to-school night. Got to love cooking dinner in advance!


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