PF Changs Attempt

G loves PF Changs. Unfortunately, there are no Asian restaurants nearby that we like, so a couple of times a year, we trek over to Tyson’s and eat too much at P.F Changs. So when I found this recipe for PF Changs lettuce wraps, I wanted to try it out.

Tonight, I made pork fried rice and lettuce wraps – and G really liked them. C shivered like I had fed him worms when I made him try a bite, so it’s definitely not his favorite (it has a TON of flavor, between the soy, hoisin, ginger, onion, sriracha, etc – so it might have been too much for him) but G really liked it and I did too. I may slightly dial back the hoisin, and try some leaves a little heartier than butter lettuce, but I’ll definitely make them again.


Pumpkin Muffins

A new neighbor is moving in across the street, and I wanted to make something seasonal to drop off, so I decided to try these pumpkin muffins. Charlie had one fresh out of the oven and told me I was the best muffin maker EVER (he’s all about the superlatives these days) and he’s about to have a second one for dessert.  I agree, they’re pretty tasty – and easy – and the whole house smells like pumpkin pie. YUM. Hope there are a few left for the neighbors!