A Couple of Recent Tries

I haven’t been very good about trying new recipes lately, so I decided to try a recipe delivery service. Plated delivered our first two meals two weeks ago, and another two today. I really love it – no shopping, no coming up with ideas about new things to cook, and great, fresh, home-cooked food. They deliver a box with all the ingredients except for salt, pepper and oil, with a recipe card that walks you step by step through the process. And within a half hour, you have protein, starch, and veggies ready to serve.  I’m pretty much in love with the whole process.

I’m not going to be doing that EVERY day, though, so I’m still trying to come up with new, healthy things to try here and there. Last night was this Stir Fried Pork and Mixed Veggies. And it was a success – at least for the grown-ups in the house. C wasn’t a huge fan; the pork was pretty spicy, and I served it over brown rice which he doesn’t love. But it came together quickly, which makes it great for a weeknight, and the sauce was very flavorful. I’ll definitely make it again.

A few weeks ago, I made these coke braised carnitas. YUM I loved these – they were sweet and tangy and made delicious tacos, but the meat was also good on its own, with a salad or vegetables on the side. It’s definitely not a quick recipe, and certainly not low calorie, but it was oh so tasty.

Hopefully I will find more good ones to share soon, but in the meantime, I will be enjoying my no-shopping, no thought required Plated meals!


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