Best Sugar Cookies Ever

I signed up for the Valentines treat at Charlie’s school – and Valentines Day was a snow-out, so the kids are celebrating today (Presidents Day). Which was actually perfect, because instead of having to throw something together on a weeknight, I had the whole weekend to make a treat. So I decided to bake and decorate cookies.

I am not a huge sugar cookie fan generally, and I’ve tried recipes in the past that I really haven’t liked. I don’t like shortening, and even the ones I’ve tried without shortening haven’t been very good.

Enter Our Best Bites Sugar Cookies. I will never make another. These are delicious! ¬†Buttery almost like shortbread, but not at all greasy – and perfect for decorating! I followed her tips to freeze the cookies overnight after they were done baking and fully cooled (lesson there – the first batch wasn’t cool enough when I stacked and froze them, and I ended up throwing away a large blob of stuck-together cookies!) and then made her glace icing and decorated them yesterday. I am no gourmet decorator (you can see a photo on Charlie’s blog – pretty funny) but they dried really nicely and, more importantly, tasted delicious. How can you go wrong with pink, red, and white cookies? I think the kids will love them.


A break

I was just getting back in the groove of trying recipes again – and then I heard about how great a family member looks after getting on the Shred diet. I’ve been looking for something to kick start healthy eating habits again, since I feel like I started getting off track around Halloween and never came back! So I’m going on hiatus. Once I get back to where I want to be, then I’ll be back to recipe blogging. Until then, happy cooking!