Meal Plans

This blog was a 2013 project, but I love having a way to capture recipes I find and try, and I have found some great keepers, so I am planning to keep it up. But this year’s project (at least initially) is to try to be better about planning my grocery shopping on the weekend.  Ideally, I will pick up most of what I need on Sat or Sun, and then I can do a very quick stop late in the week for fresh produce and chicken/turkey/whatever meat (I don’t like to leave raw meat in my fridge for more than a couple of days).

I have tried (and failed) to do weekly meal plans before, so I’m hoping if I write them down, I might be more accountable to myself as well as have a resource to turn to when I am out of ideas.  So here goes.

Weekly Meal Plan #1

Sunday night – Turkey Tacos with black beans

Monday night – Honey Orange Pork Tenderloin with rice and salad

Tuesday night – Pork Fried Rice – the thought here is that pork tenderloin is usually sold in 2 packs but we only need 1 lb at a time, and for the fried rice, I really need day old cooked rice – so I’ll make extra rice Monday night and cook the leftover tenderloin for the rice. And there will be leftovers for them to choose from when I’m at a school meeting Wed night.

Wednesday night – leftovers

Thursday night – cornmeal crusted chicken with wheat berry salad (leftover chicken can go into a quesadilla for Charlie’s lunch bunch on Friday)

Friday night – homemade pizza (with dough I already made and froze) – will serve this with some sort of salad/veggie that we still have in the fridge by Friday

And a take-to-work lunch meal – Healthy Thai Chicken Salad

Notes on Week 1:

I ended up not making Thursday night’s meal, because we had too many leftovers – and then Friday night we ended up having dinner company, so the meal became garlic roasted chicken instead of pizza, and a spinach salad with red onion, cucumber, carrots, bell peppers, blue cheese, and Emeril’s balsamic vinaigrette that I LOVE.

Oh, and I never made the lunch meal – too much going on.  I’m trying again this week…

Weekly Meal Plan #2

Sunday – Slow Cooker Taco Chicken made into tacos or burritos with black beans and queso verde

Monday – Classic Tomato Soup, cheese toast, green salad

Tuesday – leftovers

Wednesday – Thai Peanut Noodles

Thursday – G cooks

Friday – breakfast for dinner

Lunch salad – Healthy Thai Chicken Salad


Weekly Meal Plan #3

Sunday – Homemade Pizza (also cook slow cooker taco chicken for Monday night)

Monday – baked chicken taquitos

Tuesday – leftovers or breakfast for dinner

Wednesday – orecchiette with sweet sausage bolognese

Thursday – Chinese Orange Beef and Veggie Spring Rolls  (never made this – the week went off the rails after Wed)


Weekly Meal Plan #4

Sunday – bean and beef burritos w/ Mexican rice

Monday – stromboli   – plain cheese on part of it for Chaz, and then he can take some for school lunch the next day – and salad

Tuesday – Baked like Fried Chicken

Wednesday – leftovers

Thursday – Classic Tomato Soup, cheese toast, salad

Friday – breakfast for dinner


Weekly Menu #5

Sunday – Beer Can Chicken on the grill, accidental broccoli, garlic parmesan roasted potatoes

Monday – neighborhood meeting, boys fend for themselves

Tuesday – herb marinated pork tenderloin and mom’s tomato tart

Wednesday – Orange Chicken and sweet and spicy cucumbers

Thursday – orecchiette with sweet sausage bolognese and salad

Friday – free for all


Weekly Menu #6

Sunday – PF Changs lettuce wraps and Pork Fried Rice

Monday – chicken tacos with black beans

Tuesday – leftovers

Wednesday -George cooks

Thursday – Thanksgiving at our house for the 3 of us – roast duck with mashed potatoes, green salad

Friday – Lexington!



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