Lamb Steak

Last night, the old man went out with a friend for drinks and dinner after work, so the little man and I were on our own. A few months ago, I bought a pack of lamb loin chops at Costco. Costco doesn’t sound like the kind of place you’d go for good meat, but they have GREAT lamb loin chops – thicker than they generally are at my grocery store, and (as you would expect) reasonably priced. But you have to buy a lot – I think there were 8 to the pack, which is kind of overkill since the old man doesn’t care for lamb. I cooked a couple pretty much right away (I LOVE LOVE lamb chops) but froze the rest, and if I know in advance that G is going to be out and if I think about it, I pull a couple out of the freezer. The last time I did so, I was kind and shared a few bites with my kiddo – and he’s now a fan of “lamb steak*” too. And thanks to the blast of cold, snowy weather we got Thurs night, I worked from home yesterday and had the presence of mind to pull some chops out for dinner last night.

I like lamb chops grilled, broiled, pan sauteed – with pretty much nothing on them to flavor them other than the Lawry’s Salt I sprinkle on when they’re done and a side of mint jelly.  I know, mint jelly sounds like it should be disgusting, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it on lamb – yum. Anyway, I don’t require a lot of prep when it comes to lamb, but last night as I was flipping around on the internet, I found this recipe for Pan-Seared Lamb Chops with Cippolini Onions. I didn’t have the onions, but we happened to have some leftover parsley, and I have fresh rosemary (well, frozen rosemary really, thanks to the current weather conditions) in my garden – and we always have garlic handy – so I decided to try this marinade.

I cooked these on my cast iron skillet, which was still holding onto the smell of garlic roast chicken which I made in there on New Years Day. I didn’t need to worry about that, though, because as soon as these chops hit the hot pan, their aroma completely overtook any leftover scents. They smelled SO GOOD while it was cooking that I could barely wait the 5 minutes a side it took to get these chops to medium rare. Unfortunately, they were very thick chops and I didn’t let them defrost in the fridge overnight, so it took me a little more than the 3 to 4 minutes per side to get the chops to medium rare – and as a result, the garlic on the outside got a little darker than I had hoped. But even with the seasoning a little darker than I might have hoped, the flavor was good – and the aroma was fabulous. I will definitely make this again, though next time I will make sure my chops are fully defrosted so I don’t have to add any cooking time. 

I will also not be an idiot and accidentally touch the surface of my cast iron skillet while heating it. Not sure how I did it, but if I ever get arrested, they are going to have trouble fingerprinting me. I spent a good portion of the rest of the evening squeezing ice cubes. 

Verdict: Charlie ate his whole chop, minus gnawing on the bone, which he hasn’t quite figured out yet. And I, of course, had no trouble devouring mine, even while maimed.

*Explanatory note: at our house, cuts of meat (as long as they aren’t ground) are known as “steak”. This is because ever since he was very small, the little guy has enjoyed steak. In an effort to get him to expand his repertoire, I have been known to call something steak that – well – isn’t. So in addition to regular (beef) steak, we eat pork steak and lamb steak at our house. 


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