My boys like pancakes. One likes chocolate chips in his, the other prefers them au natural. I don’t make them every weekend by any means, but now and then, they make for a good start of a Saturday or Sunday. Or new year!   Today, they were requested, but I am out of Bisquick (the easy way to make pancakes) and the Trader Joe’s mix I bought to replace the Bisquick isn’t a favorite. I’ll have to use it for biscuits or something. Anyway, I got on the internet (what did cooks do before the internet??  I guess that’s why everyone had Joy of Cooking…) and searched for a homemade pancake recipe, and found this one: Good Old Fashioned Pancakes. I read a few of the reviews and took their advice – cut the salt down to 3/4 teaspoon, and threw in a teaspoon of vanilla – and these turned out delicious. They were crisp on the outsides and soft in the middle, just how a good pancake should be if you ask me. Thanks to the butter, they are a little more decadent than the Bisquick ones, so I may not make them every time – but I’m definitely saving this recipe for the next time I want to make ‘cakes from scratch.


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