Roast Chicken

George has been sick for the past week. And I’m talking really sick – running a fever for at least 6 days straight (probably more, he just didn’t take his own temperature last weekend while Charlie and I were away), could barely get out of bed, two trips to the doctor sick. No fun. His fever finally broke yesterday,  but he was feeling really low energy after not eating much all week, and still fighting a sore throat. So last night, I figured comfort food was in order. And to me, it doesn’t get more comforting than roast chicken.

Usually I do my mom’s garlic and rosemary roast chicken recipe I posted previously, but I thought garlic might be a little much after not eating for days. So I did a little googling and landed on this one: My Favorite Simple Roast Chicken from Epicurious.

Verdict: EASY EASY EASY and good. I skipped the butter and thyme, and just kept it really simple. The salt made the skin really crisp, and I liked that there was no added fat – but the chicken was still really moist. I used less salt than the recipe called for, and it was plenty – the chicken needed no additional seasoning. I think the leftovers will make a good chicken salad.

I made a simple green salad on the side and these no-fail potatoes that are always a huge hit at my house, including for the littlest member: Sarah’s Smashed Potatoes. I don’t season the potatoes with salt, other than the salted water they boil in, and I line my baking sheet with parchment paper to shorten the clean up (there’s already plenty of clean up with the roasting pan scrubbing going on)!

This one is definitely on the make again list.


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