Pork Tenderloin

Tonight’s recipe was last minute luck. I had a pork tenderloin defrosting in the fridge, and no plans for what to do with it. I got home after 6 and needed to run out and do one errand before getting started. And that errand did not include a visit to a grocery store. So the goal was to find something to do with the pork that would be relatively quick and not require acquiring any ingredients.

Thanks to a quick Google search and the Food Network’s extensive list of pork recipes, I found this Balsamic Roast Pork Tenderloin from Rachel Ray. I haven’t always had success with Rachel Ray’s recipes, but this one was quick to prepare (no marinating necessary), allowed me to use some of the rosemary which is currently taking over my garden, and sounded like it would go nicely with the leftover rice in my fridge.  I skipped the thyme, so that I could skip the store – and everything else was readily available.

And it was good!  Still pink in the middle (much prefer that to gray-all-the-way-through pork) and moist, it was also very fragrant while cooking. My only mistake was cooking it on one of my cheap grocery store cookie sheets – at 500 degrees, it warped quickly. But it didn’t have any impact on the “pork steak”, as Charlie calls it. He LOVED it and ate more than 3 little slices. That’s a feat for my kid who prefers chicken nuggets out of a freezer bag to all other meats.

I also really liked the flavor, and the ease of prep.  We will definitely be making this one again!


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