Orange Peel Beef

Sorry for the lag – we were on spring break last week, and I was only cooking things that required very few ingredients in our ill-equipped rental house. This week, however, I got back to the recipe adventures with quick and easy chinese beef from one of my favorite food websites, Our Best Bites.

I’m just going to go ahead and say that this recipe was not a big hit at my house. I was actually really surprised at how much it resembled (a healthier version of the) orange peel beef we have ordered at Chinese restaurants in the past. But I think the husband was expecting it to be crispy (i.e., fried) – which it was not. And the kid is basically only a fan of chicken nuggets, Ritz crackers, yogurt, and bell peppers with dip these days (thank goodness something in that list is healthy) and would only have a couple of bites.

So too bad for me, since I liked it – but not enough to make it again just for myself. But I would recommend it if you like orange beef (and not just for the crunch!).


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