Martha Knows Chicken

Martha Stewart has a sizeable deck of chicken recipes on her website – approx 120, if I remember correctly from my scrolling last night. This is a blessing for someone like me, who almost always has chicken breasts in the fridge but doesn’t always have a great idea for what to do with them.

Last night I was looking for something simple but warm. I got diagnosed with strep throat yesterday, and Charlie came home from therapy pretty out of sorts (we just got back from the pediatrician – surprise, surprise, he has strep too) so I didn’t want anything elaborate.

I found this: chicken with ginger and it fit the bill – not too many ingredients (and all ones I had on hand), easy prep, flavors I figured the family would like. I was right – it was a success!  I made the full recipe of sauce even though I didn’t quite have 1.5 lbs chicken, and I only used half an onion since my husband likes them in moderation. I served the chicken over steamed sushi rice with a mixed green salad. Even Charlie ate every piece of chicken I put on his plate, which is no small feat since lately the only chicken he wants is in nugget form.

This dish reminded us of a non-spicy General Tso’s chicken (at one of the Chinese restaurants that doesn’t bread it to death). Next time, I think I’ll make more sauce and steam some broccoli tops too, and toss them in at the end – I think they would be good in the sweet, gingery sauce.


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