My cousin Elizabeth was absolutely right – chocolate is chocolate, and those brownies were DELICIOUS. Rich and dense in flavor, not overly sweet like so many brownies out of the box – I will definitely make them again!

Tonight’s new adventure is wheat bread. My mom gave me a stand mixer for my birthday back in August, and we haven’t bought a loaf of sandwich bread since, other than 1 loaf of rye since I haven’t learned to make that yet. We’ve been loving having home baked bread all the time – it really puts the grocery store stuff to shame. But I’ve just been making the easy white bread recipe that came with my mixer – and in the interest of mixing things up and, more importantly, getting a little healthier, tonight I tried my hand at whole wheat bread. My white-bread-loving husband wasn’t thrilled with this idea, but the house smelled SO good while these loaves were cooking. I can’t imagine they won’t be delicious.

I used the recipe that came with the mixer, which I also found online:

I ended up pulling them out of the oven about 5 minutes before I was supposed to because they were just smelling, well, in a word –  done. We haven’t tried them yet since they need to cool, but they look great!



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