Asian, again

Tonight I made spring rolls, filled with sushi rice, mint, cilantro, cucumber spears, broccoli slaw (my shortcut for crunchy, fresh carrots, cabbage, and broccoli – love the stuff), chicken sauteed in a little sesame and garlic oil, and crushed peanuts, complete with two dipping sauces, one a peanut sauce and one a sweet soy.


Imagine my disappointment when I was the only one who enjoyed them.

Apparently when I said I was making spring rolls, my husband envisioned the crunchy fried ones… and was sorely disappointed when this was what came out:


And Charlie took one look at “the green” and turned away. I told him it was just garnish (his had more rice and less mint and cilantro) and he said “I don’t want to eat garnish!”  We did talk him into one bite, but that was it.

I’ll admit, they’re not the most symmetrical spring rolls, but they’re stuffed with healthy and delicious stuff. After making two sauces, steaming rice, sauteing chicken, chopping peanuts (which tend to jump when approached with a knife), and wrestling with rice paper (not easy), it was not very pleasing to have both of the other members of my family reject these. George at least stripped his of the paper and ate the filling of one, but Charlie wouldn’t even take a second bite.  So while I actually did enjoy them, I will not be making them again.  The rice papers are too finicky to warrant feeding just one person. Oh well, at least the sauces were good – I’m keeping those recipes handy!


2 thoughts on “Asian, again

  1. Save the recipe for a girls night or something!! I’ve made some delicious spring rolls for a friends picnic birthday. But, like you, I could never make them for dinner. J wouldn’t eat them and the whole rice paper thing is way too much effort for one. Glad they were good, though!

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